Hauck Polychron Enlarger Timer

Submitted by Ivan Low on Thu, 01/21/2016 - 16:12
Hauck Polychron Enlarger Timer With Enlarger

Get It Right From The Start

I had searched the Internet a long time before I come to purchase this Timer. My main problem is the power voltage in Singapore is incompatible with the US Timer. You can find plenty of such timer on eBay, the price is ridiculously cheap, especially if you stay in the state.

Enlarger In Singapore

To purchase a good old fashion darkroom equipment in Singapore you need to know people who do film photography and lots of luck, I have either, so I turn my compass to the Internet. To find a shop sell photography enlarger is literally in non-existence.

The Labor

Every piece of equipment was the labor of persistent and patient through the months of research and studies I gather from the library and the Internet. Finally, I'm very glad I made the purchase and happy to share the news with you of this latest darkroom item.

The Size

My first impression of the Timer was the size! From the first depiction at eBay, I thought it's not more than the size of my palm, but in real life, the whole thing measures 21cm by 21cm. It is a wall clock!

Navegate The Timer

The timer design is straight forward, even without instruction book you can still find your way around. You can see on top of the timer have four buttons, Focus, Signal, Start, and Stop. Basically, they are self-explanatory. Maybe I should emphasize the Focus and Signal.

The Working Mechanism

When the negative is loaded in the enlarger and project onto the baseboard, to find the grain focus through a scope is the next step. To activate the projection user do not need to turn on the enlarger directly, simply just push down the focus button on the timer.

This can be achieved by plugging the enlarger power cable into the timer power outlet follow by timer to the main. Some timer allows you to automatically turn off the safelight while the projection is on.

The Alarm

The signal is just another name of the alarm. At the end of your timer, in case you fall asleep while all these darkroom excitements fail to keep you awake, the Alarm or Signal will do just that, wake up in time to develop your paper.

Enlarger Timer Design

What I like about this enlarger timer is the simplicity design. It provides a very clear picture how the whole operation will turn out. Sure, there are those memory timer which can be a great help, they all exist as a solution to our problems. As for now I'll keep everything as simple as possible. However, digital timer cost more than $200 new. My timer plus shipping only cost $70 USD. The math cannot be more obvious, I want to start a darkroom at the lowest possible budget.