Formulary TS-4 Odorless Stop Bath Arrived

Submitted by Ivan Low on Wed, 01/20/2016 - 22:56
Formulary TS-4 Odorless Stop Bath Box View

I want to talk about some items had just arrived at my door in my recent purchase of darkroom equipment.  After so long for the first time, I’m going to start to develop my film again. This entire long wait is because Ruby Photo runs out of stop bath, I literately going there every week like ex-husband wanting to see his kids. The wait was driving me crazy, made worst by the staring at my undeveloped film on my work desk every day.

Now the wait is over! I pop open the box and found a small packet of powder, not like I'm not aware of what I ordered at B&H, it just doesn't add up to that big box ship with the powder. However, I'm grateful it arrived and carry on to add water to make my stop bath. Before the stop bath arrived, I did order the AP chemical containers from a very affordable eBay seller Cooked Imaging to store my stock.

For $38 USD, they sent me 3 bottles! Tell me that is not a good deal. So I grab it as soon I caught my next breath. Not sure they still have the deal going on now, when I went back, I only can see two bottles deal. The design of this container is to allow a user to compress the air out of the bottle reduce the air contact with the chemical. The gives a longer shelf life.

Find any of those measurement jars to help calculate the amount of water is needed to dissolve the powder. If this is your first time, you can check out the instruction inside of the box.

After I was done, I swap over to that Ilford Perceptol powder solution I purchased together with some other items. You can get this from Ruby Photo. They do have some other Ilford powder solutions, each has their own strength. I've yet to experiment them myself.

I was a little confused initially when I was trying to mix the powder with water, not knowing what kind of temperature, and it comes with two packets of powder. Fortunately, there are also instructions printed in the box inside out; don't throw away the box if you need direction to mix the solution.

Here I purchase this pack of 25 sheets of 35mm film jacket. Its plastic quality is a lot more clear from the default film jacket provide by the local film lab. Not expensive, a little more than $10. I'm planning to order a lot more for future usage.

This time I have prepared a little trick myself compare to my previous experiences to dry the film, I use to use my finger to push out the water on the surface which was not effective, and this pair of film squeegee will be of great help. Imagine it as a window wiper, it does dry up a lot faster without water stain!

Today I'm going over to Konota to get my prints out. I will post my result here soon. I'm excited!